Friday, December 1, 2023

Labog Butong & Ice Candy


LABOG BUTONG is a gathering of friends.

The host spends normaly the young coconuts (butong) and the others bring everyone some ingredients. Those are a mixture of orange juice, salted peanuts and salted crackers. No problem when one ot it is lacking or will be replaced by something else. After the mixing of the drink, everybody is enjoying a large glass of it.


The ICE CANDY has a long tradition in the Philippines since the availability of a refrigirator. It started with the water of the coconuts with addional condesed milk and sugar maybe. Today a wide range of flavors are available with all kind of fruits, juices and ingredients like gulaman, nuts and for fun some foodcoloring.




VIDEO (11:11) by Dieter W. Sokoll


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