Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Cagayan De Oro River


How well do we know our river? 😅

In Celebration with the fiesta of our beloved City of Golden Friendship. I'll take you to the majestic and historical Cagayan De Oro river (Please read first 😊)

Itinerary : -Kanipahan at Brgy.BonBon -Passing through 5 bridges along the river ( note: there are 8 bridges in the river: 6. pelaez bridge in taguanao, 7.macasandig-balulang bridge (nearly completed) 8.bonbon-macabalan bridge(ongoing) we just featured 5 because these are the bridges who are visible in the city area)

Slight corrections : Brgy. Kala-Kala instead of Brgy. Pita-pita


VIDEO (9:02) by Julius Anthony

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