Saturday, March 2, 2024
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Gardens of Malasag



Gardens of Malasag & Eco-Tourism Village is located in a reforested area in Malasag Hills. This 7 hectares village has replicas of tribal houses with original tribespeople and a panoramic view of Macahalar Bay. The village has an impressive collection of Philippine flora and fauna.

The Higaonon Resto Cafè offers food, cold and hot drinks with a beautiful view. A visit is recommended at the early morning or late afternoon hours.

We enjoy the place usually after hour early morning walks for a cup of coffee.

Room in cottages with a balcony and a view are available. A swimming pool for refreshing and otherwise plenty of peacefulness at that place with birds singing in the trees and the muffled sound of the city far away.


VIDEO (3:24) by Philippine Magazine


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