Life in a Philippine Barangay # 008 – Flood Damage


On Saturday evening 02 October 2021, a heavy thunderstorm hit the city of Cagayan de Oro and also our barangay Cugman. Not only were the barangay administration and the market street in Zone 2 flooded after the Cugman River overflowed its banks, there was an immediate incident at our house.

The neighbours had fenced their property with a wall some time ago. However, the experts had not calculated that on a 15,000 square metre sloping site, rainwater can accumulate during a tropical storm and want to run off. They had not left an opening in the wall. This took its revenge that evening. The water rose to about a metre behind the rather simply built wall, only to knock it over onto our access road. We did nothing more there that evening. The way to six houses was blocked.

On Sunday morning, the wall was provisionally put up again, so that at least vehicles had access to the properties behind it.


Video (5:29) by Philippine Magazine

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