Saturday, February 24, 2024

Philippine Faces and their Work: Making Bananacue


‘Bananacue’ is the name for fried, skewered plantains, i.e. bananas on skewers that are deep-fried with brown sugar. Bananacue is a staple food in the Philippines and is usually eaten as an afternoon snack, but is also eaten early in the morning by some.

‘Camotecue’, or sweet potatoes on skewers, are made the same way. Another speciality with the plantain, which is called ‘Saba’ in our country, is ‘Turon’. Here, the individual banana is wrapped in a pastry shell, like the one used for spring rolls, and then deep-fried. These do not go on the skewers, which are made of bamboo.

To make them, the oil is heated, the bananas are put in and at the right temperature, brown sugar is added. This does not mix with the oil, but settles on the bananas, sweet potato slices and pastry shells in drops, creating the pretty irregular pattern.

Be sure to try it when you visit the Philippines, and try it later at home.


Video (5:57) by Philippine Magazine



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