COGON MARKET – Ingredients for Christmas Dinner


The public Cogon market in the city of Cagayan de Oro, in northern Mindanao, is always a busy market. This intensifies at Christmas and the turn of the year. On these two occasions, certain dishes are part of Filipinos’ festive tables. This is where a lot of the ingredients are made and provided. For this, vast quantities of coconuts are processed into coconut milk. Manioc is grated into a paste. Different kinds of vegetables are chopped very finely and used for spring roll fillings. People are busy at work and still have time for a few words, a joke and the obligatory posing for the camera. So come inside the market, join the hustle and bustle. We’ll do it again on New Year’s Eve, but this time more around the market in the side streets.


Video (6:09) by

Philippinen Magazin



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