The HUMAN Stone Crusher of F.S. Catanico


We found the stone crusher of F.S. Catanico and his family rather by chance on the road from Barangay Cugman to the F.S. Catanico waterfall, looking for a video motif, because I did not find a single copra maker on the whole stretch, which would have been the actual plan.

I discovered the boulders and the bags while driving by. But first we drove almost to the waterfall, which is not a good video motif on a weekday because there is nothing going on. On the way back to the village, I really wanted to stop at the place where I had seen the sacks and see what it was all about.


My wife asked the stone crusher his name and was astonished at the answer and then immediately went on to ask if he knew an Erlinda her age. It turned out that Erlinda was his mother and had been her best enemy when my wife was at school. So then they meet again after decades. This time they didn't throw stones, but had a lot to tell and laugh about.

In the meantime, I made my video recordings and was able to watch the stone thrower at work for a while. We then bought two more bags of decorative white quartz stones for the garden.



Erlinda is one of the lucky survivors of the catastrophic tropical storm SENDONG in 2011. She lived with several family members along the Cagayan River in Kala-Kala, a settlement on a river bend that was completely swept away and devastated. Erlinda and some of her family were swept away by the river and the tidal wave to the mouth of the river on that terrible night and were swept far out to sea. She has very terrible memories of that night and the next day, until they were fished out of the water in the sea off the island of Camiguin.



Finally, my wife can make some loot in the form of plants and flowers for her large flower garden.


The video about the stone knocker by F.S. Catanico and Erlinda can be watched on my Youtube video channel PHILIPPINE MAGAZINE here ->>



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