F S CATANICO FALLS after heavy thunderstorm


The fate of the F.S. Catanico waterfall is that sometimes the grounds with its facilities are renewed and maintained and sometimes they are not. At the moment, everything here is once again deserted and nature is reclaiming everything claimed by man with breathtaking speed. The only plus point of this visit after a heavy night of thunderstorms is that no one asked for an entrance fee and I will probably be one of the few who has video footage of the look of the waterfall and the water after such a night.

I remember on an even more distant visit with our dogs and a neighbour that there was someone here who kept the stairs clean of wet leaves and kept things tidy. At that time there was also a monkey or rather a macaque rampaging around in the treetops and insulting us from above. It is certainly not easy to maintain this waterfall for tourism. There are old, dense trees with fallen leaves, during floods a part of the descent is destroyed and rainwater falls from the rocks of the gorge at other parts of the stairs. There is unusually high humidity in the narrow gorge, which pushed me to my limits on the ascent, i.e. on the way back, at the age of 73.

Nevertheless, I think my visit was worthwhile, as I was able to take impressive pictures of the roaring waters in chocolate colour. A breathtaking natural experience in the jungle of the city of Cagayan de Oro.


VIDEO (7:45) by Philippinen Magazin



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