The municipality of Jasaan, in the Province Misamis Oriental, in Northern Mindanao, has a large fishing port. The entrance is on the National Highway and the place where we filmed the place to dry fish is on the old road.

Unfortunately, we were there at an inopportune time and the daily hustle and bustle of the fish landing were already a few hours over. So it was very quiet here in the fishing harbour of Jasaan.

It was interesting to watch people drying surplus fish and collecting the dried fish, which is called ‘bulat’ here. The dried fish is sold to passing customers in small shops on the National Highway.

A short visit to the Philippine Coast Guard rounded off our visit. I was able to take a quick look at how the covers for the ‘hanging rice’ are made from palm leaves.

By the way, the dog on the Coast Guard ship is called Rudolph because he has a pink nose, the officer on duty explained to me.


VIDEO (7:23) by Philippine Magazine


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