Higalaay Festival 2022 | DRAGON BOAT-KUGTONG FIESTA RACE | Meet the Teams


We are lucky to know Gisela Schwandner. Gisela joined the Dragon Boats many years ago, during her time in the Philippine Coast Guard. She is a deserving dragon boat paddler and has competed in many national and international dragon boat competitions with great success.

Through Gisela, we were given the opportunity this year to get VIP passes that allowed us to move freely around the grounds and film. It was a special day today, Saturday 20 August 2022, the first day dedicated to the Higalaay Festival 2022 DRAGON BOAT-KUGTONG FIESTA RACE.

I would like to introduce to you all today the teams that were already on site this Saturday.

Rarely have we been able to witness such cheerfulness, such togetherness and camaraderie. Tomorrow, early Sunday, we will be there again with the camera and will try to capture the atmosphere on this day as well.


VIDEO (6:21) by Philippine Magazine



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