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Domestic air travel from Cagayan de Oro (Laguindingan) to Cebu (Mactan)

The new airport for Region 10 has been moved from nearby Lumbi (10 kilometres) to Laguindingan Municipality (40 kilometres). Travellers can go there by regular bus to Iligan, jeepneys, taxis or some special bus companies. We chose the Magnum bus service, which has a terminal at Lim Ket Kai at the east entrance. So far, we have always been satisfied with this service and they have always taken us to and from the city. We are then taken there by car or picked up.

At Laguindingan airport, passengers can check in themselves at some terminals. This may be unusual for older people, but airport staff can help. Afterwards, you take your luggage to the weighing station and receive your boarding pass there. There is a separate counter for the disabled, pregnant women, people with small children and senior citizens.

On the app flightradar24, I was able to follow the approach of our plane from Cebu and take my photo and video at the window at the right moment.

The airport in Laguindingan was already too small from the beginning with a 10-year construction delay and so we have to walk across the tarmac to the plane like in the good old days.

After take-off, the plane climbs briefly to fly over Bohol and then descends again for the landing on Mactan.

There the plane also stops on the tarmac and buses take the passengers to the terminal, where pre-Christmas traffic was busy. We had a 4-hour layover here before continuing on to Dumaguete (Sibulan), on the island of Negros.

I have recorded this little travel story in a short video.

AIR TRAVEL PHILIPPINES | Cagayan de Oro to Dumaguete via Cebu

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