Saturday, February 24, 2024

LIVE POULTRY MARKET at Cogon Area in Cagayan de Oro City

What is native chicken Philippines?

Before imported breeds arrived in the Philippines, we have Tagalog and Bisaya. These are the local terms for our native breeds. If you are in Luzon, you call it Tagalog, and if you are in the Visayas and the bigger part of Mindanao, you call it Bisaya. Both of them refer to the native chicken that we often see roaming around our rural neighborhoods.

The government and even the private sectors are doing their best to conserve and even populate these breeds.

There are dozens of foreign and native chicken breeds in the Philippines today but regardless of whatever American breeds we have, the taste of our native chicken is still the best.

Sorry for the noise in the sound, a new cable for the external microphone is already on its way.

Some time ago there were several live poultry dealers across the street. They had to give way there and found a new place on the opposite side of the street. I saw chickens and ducks here, unfortunately no more geese and turkeys.

Here on Limketkai Drive between Osmena Street and Quirno Street, live chickens are sold for 350 pesos for a kilogram of live weight and 250 pesos for ducks, according to Arnold.

Otherwise, we once again had a happy meeting with the traders and the people living here. Traders with coconut water and pre-cooked food joined us.

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