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The two barangays 35 and 36 are located between Limketkai Drive and J.R. Borja Extention and are bounded to barangay Camaman-an by Bitan-ag creek.

We came across a terminal for motorised sikads opposite the gas station, not the usual motorelas of Cagayan de Oro City, but ones with a sidecar.

Interesting is the small enclave that can only be reached via a small footbridge over the Bitan-ag creek. After the bridge, a footpath leads to the left to houses that are sandwiched between the Limketkai compound behind their own fire station and against the property walls of the private villas of Limketkai and Rural Transit. After the footbridge, you can see a long row of dwellings if you look to the right. The shacks are stuck to the wall of Rural Transit and are thus on the ground of barangay Camaman-an.

I could not use all my video clips with the people living here in this video, as some had become unusable due to a technical error. We met interesting people. Most of them are connected to the Cogon market, which is not far away. We met the group that cleaned, peeled and prepared ginger for sale and also the man who cut strips from an old car inner tube, which he sells to a trader at the market for 5 pesos a piece, who then sells them on to market customers for 25 pesos.

Children were playing in a field of rubble. The houses here had been demolished because, according to the residents, the municipality needed the land. It is a huge discrepancy to see these children playing and then, a few steps away, to see children in the mall playing electronic games that cost money.

REAL Life in the PHILIPPINES – Daily life in Cagayan de Oro City, Northern Mindanao, Philippines


VIDEO (7:25)

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