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TALISAYAN | THE TOWN – People – Plaza – Market – Foot Bridge

When Don Miguel Morales Pelaez founded the municipality of Talisayan, there were more talisay trees here than there are today, but there are still enough that whole hordes of municipal workers are busy sweeping up the large fallen leaves on the boulevard, the plaza and the park.

With a population of just over 25,000, Talisayan is a tranquil place. We enjoy visiting here because the family of my wife’s son Jongjong lives here with his wife Marife and their children Fritzie, Darius and Goko. Marife is the community midwife and runs a food stall with her colleagues called D’ Krave Food Hub next to the municipality hall, while Jongjong is busy with a newly opened shop for motorcycle parts and repair for motorbikes and tuktuks at the beginning of the old road.

Talisayan is known far beyond for its many seafood restaurants along the National Highway and the old road. On the old road, two of these fish restaurants are built over the water and are very popular. I will make a video of my own about the fish restaurants at some point, as I have already done about the old road:

TALISAYAN in Misamis Oriental | The Old Road

The village still has a large stock of old houses, most of which are well preserved and maintained. A few years ago, the public market was renovated and a new municipality hall was built. The latter was built for functionality and not as a monument to a mayor, as can now be seen in many places in the Philippines.

There used to be a curiosity in the middle of town, I still saw it. Where today the pedestrian bridge crosses the Talisay River, the road used to lead into the water of the river and vehicles could cross to the other side via a ford.

Another gem of the Talisayan community is the beautiful Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish Church, with beautiful stained glass windows, brightly flooded with daylight, kept clean and tidy by many hardworking hands, with an equally beautiful garden with beautiful old stone furniture. More about it in the following video:

TALISAYAN | Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish Church

On the old street, at the church, on the boulevard, in the park, on the market, on the pedestrian bridge, on the other side of the Talisayan River, everywhere I found friendly and nice, sometimes a bit of inquisitive people.

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