Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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Our View of Kinawe Blooming Farm

After successfully filming the adventure with the gold seekers in barangay Gango of Libona, we are now in neighbouring barangay Kinawe.

This barangay has long been known for huge maize fields, mango plantations and cattle ranching, but until a few years ago was rarely visited by city dwellers from neighbouring Cagayan de Oro.

About 20 years ago, I drove this road for the first time and found wonderful nature. It was around this time that the current owners of KINAWE BLOOMING FARM also bought this land, which is now planted with beautiful flower fields in bright colours, has a large flower greenhouse for small and large plants, including jungle plants, and runs a restaurant with a sophisticated local cuisine. Everything is rounded off by a FARMER’S MARKET with organic vegetables and fruit.

Immediately at the car park and entrance, the collection points of the often huge bird’s nest plants scattered over the entire grounds are striking. These and other plants are available for purchase. For this and other questions, please contact the owners via their Facebook page


There is an entrance fee of 200 pesos per head, which can be used in full when buying plants, at the Farmer’s Market or in the restaurant.

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