Thursday, November 30, 2023

SAWMILL in Agusan, Cagayan de Oro City

We met Danny Romula of Zone 4, in Upper Agusan, Cagayan de Oro City and owner of SOPHIL RESOURCES INDUSTRIES, a sawmill with 10 band saws and its corresponding lumberyard.

For inquiries and information, please use the following cellphone number 0918 669 5069

It generally cuts mahogany and falcata logs. At the moment there is a lack of supply of mahogany and also falcata has become less, due to the daily heavy rainfall in the hinterland.

Thus, not all work crews at the band saws are fully utilized.

There is a lot of heavy physical work going on in the wood yard and at the band saws. The individual teams rent one of the band saws and sell the lumber on their own account or a financier rents it and pays the workers at the saw on a piecework basis according to boardfeet.

Many of the workers live with their families in simple lodgings at the lumberyard.

On a Saturday like today, the older children are at home helping with the daily household chores, while the women nail together boxes for tomatoes, bananas, and anans from cut scrap wood.


VIDEO (9;47) by Philippinen Magazin   1940 Abonnenten

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