Saint Augustine Cathedral

The Saint Augustine Cathedral was built in 1624 by Fray Agustin San Pedro who was called El Padre Capitan by the residents here. In 1778, boththe church and convent were burned down. From its ruins, Fray Pedro de Santa Barbara, together with generous Cagayanons, built the new church which was inagurated in 1780. But, it too did not last long as it was gutted in 1831.

In 1841, the church was rebuilt using concrete materials. It was adorned with beautiful paintings of the four evangelists. It had a pipe organ. The wooden cross which stands today in the front of the cathedral, was erected in 1888.

Archbishop James Hayes, SJ, in 1946 rebuilt the Cathedral and the Convent until 1946. It was about this time that the stained glass, given by the New York Sacred Heart chapel, was installed.

Image Credits: Clement Dampal

I have been lately to the SAN AUGUSTIN CATHEDRAL for a video shooting inclusive the surroundings:

For the more detailed interested of the readers, they can go to

St Augustine Metropolitan Cathedral and The Century-old Stained Glass Windows

Image Credits: Clement Dampal


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