Unknown Falls & Cave


Unknown Waterfalls & Cave of Cagayan de Oro

Even though Cagayan de Oro is known as a metro city of Mindanao for having a lot of business establishments, subdivisions & other urban stuff. Still it has a lot of Natural Wonders that people didn't really know about & havent been explored.

One of these is this nameless waterfalls & cave at Sitio Leropan, a small area in a rural part of the city.

Waterfall info: The falls is made of 2 Small waterfalls (the other above the other one) The Miniwaterfall above is only around 8 ft The Waterfall below is around 15 ft & It's not deep The water continues until it reaches the Iponan river

Cave info: The Cave beside the waterfall has a small opening & a flowing river from the inside. it is deep & dark since there is no hole that the light can get in. But many locals have explored the cave already and they said it has a dry area inside with big rocks that looks like tables & chairs. No recorded history of the place only old unproven stories like the cave was a hidding place of people during the Japanese war.

It's not really safe to explore it without an expert. Add. info: there's a news before that someone died inside but no one knows if it's true.


VIDEO (6:29) by Julius Anthony


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