Mysterous Blue River Kimereges




"Kimereges" is a Manuvu term for "BLUE" since this small body of fresh water up in the mountains of Pangantucan is mysteriously colored in Blue. It is believed that the Place is Enchanted.

That's why Rituals are made once a week to please the nature spirits. They believed that drinking & bathing in Kimereges cures illnessses.

It is not that Big but How deep it is, is haven't been measured yet by anyone since it's oddly very very cold specially if you go down deeper.

Other than that, It is the main source of water of the farmers for their crops & also the main source of the several small rivers in the area. It is owned by MGG Resort & no one is allowed to go there without their permission. Contact them first before exploring @ MGG Resort

Location: Brgy. Adtuyon, Pangantucan, Bukidnon, Mindanao, Philippines



VIDEO (7:23) vonĀ Julius Anthony


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