Bergwandern am Mount Palaopao


Bukidnon is an awesome place to trek!

Bukidnon is derived from the word “bukid” which means mountain. The Province of Bukidnon is a highland paradise located in Mindanao. It is the home of the 2nd highest mountain. It is also one of the country’s richest biodiversity.

The top of Palaopao Mountain was once covered with virgin forest while the sides contain several caves, including Paiyak Cave, rock shelters and limestones overhang contain wooden coffin and artifacts whose designs are traced back to the metal age.

These places were used as burial grounds during the early part of the 19th century... The history here is interesting, and good to know!

Overall, the journey was extremely peaceful, and again the locals just adds so much light to the experience!


VIDEO (8:33) von Genévieve Torres Tiangco


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