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Chicken à la cart is the name given to the chicken grills, mostly on the main streets or around the markets. They sprout from the ground, so to speak, as soon as dusk falls. During the day, the untrained eye hardly sees anything of them. At most, they are conspicuous by a tarpaulin under which there is something. These are usually tables, benches and a few slats that later hold up the spread-out tarpaulin as a roof.

Here, à la cart does not mean the menu from which you put together your meal, but the display of the food to grill from which the customers can choose and bring it to the grill master. He then prepares the skewers on the grill.

The waiters bring the ‘hanging rice’ on request. Hanging rice is a way of cooking rice. Raw rice is placed in plaited palm leaves in the shape of a large diamond and cooked in a water bath. The customer is served the hanging rice sliced on one side. Often, freshly cooked rice is also kept ready in huge pots.

Cold drinks come from an ice box and are often colder than in good restaurants. Cutlery is not given with the barbecue skewers and customers wash their hands after eating at a specially arranged place.


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