Thursday, November 30, 2023

MACABALAN | The Barangay | The People | Cagayan de Oro City | THEN in 2011 and TODAY in 2022


It has been almost 11 years since I made a video about barangay Macabalan and the people there. The video has been viewed well over 9,000 times. Now some people want more recent footage of Macabalan. I responded to this request on 02 June 2022 and tried to follow my path through the barangay at that time. I succeeded quite well.

My friend Jim accompanied me on this tour.

I have prefixed the old video clips of a few prominent places and marked them with ‘2011’ and different background music. The old video can be watched in full length on another channel at Visit in Barangay Macabalan…

Although there are some changes in barangay Macabalan, much has remained the same. More people have come under the cramped living conditions. They try to hide the worst parts with flowers. The cheerfulness of the people in Macabalan is unbroken.

The aerial photos taken with a drone were made available to me by the YouTube channel ‘TRiP ni ToniO’ with kind permission. Please also subscribe to this interesting video channel @TRip ni ToniO…


VIDEO (19:29) by Philippine Magazine



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