Thursday, November 30, 2023

Making a daily living in the Philippines BIBINGKA MAKING


This video is the start of a new series on our YouTube Channel PHILIPPINE MAGAZINE with the theme MAKING A DAILY LIVING IN THE PHILIPPINES. It starts with a video about a team of father and son who make and sell rice cakes BIBINGKA on the street.

(Please excuse the slight sound disturbances in this video).

Bibingka belongs under the umbrella of kakanin, a category of indigenous sweets composed entirely of rice-based snacks, like biko. It is traditionally made from slightly sour galapong (ground fermented sticky rice), coconut milk, water, and sugar. A drawer full of rice cakes consists of 48 cake molds and the baking time is 20 minutes in the firewood-fired bibingka oven. On average, the two bake 13 batches a day. The bibingka rice cakes are sold for 10 pesos each. Customers come by the dozen on motorbikes, in cars, and in trucks.

You can find the delicious BIBINGKA rice cakes from Renan & Romualdo Vallerte on J.R. Borja Extention in barangay Gusa, on the right side of the road on the way to Cogon Market.


VIDEO (5:57) by Philippine Magazine



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