Thursday, November 30, 2023

MORE than Pineapples in LIBONA

There is much for visitors to discover in Libona, Bukidnon. We were already in barangay Gango, with the gold miners
GOLD in GANGO | Libona - Bukidnon
and at the Blooming Farm in barangay Kinawe
KINAWE BLOOMING FARM in Libona, Bukidnon
A few years ago, we once did a two-day round trip around Mount Kitanglad. Since we still had time on the way back to Cagayan de Oro, we decided to drive into the pineapple fields of Libona then to look for the cross connection to Kinawe in front of the small hydroelectric power plant, which we found.
We wanted to repeat this part of the trip. The paths and roads are still in the same condition as back then. In the meantime, however, one of the roads has been upgraded. According to the Habal-Habal drivers, we could not drive on this road in the direction of Baungon because a bridge had been destroyed and our vehicle did not have enough wheelbase. So we had to look for our way to Poblacion, Libona, in the other direction. We succeeded with a lot of asking, because the visitor expects signposting in vain.
When driving through the huge fields of Libona, the visitor will notice that not everything is planted with pineapples. He will find small vegetable farms, newly built industrial plants, pig and chicken farms, banana packaging companies, large banana plantations, maize fields and again and again small settlements and detached houses.
Since I could remember greenhouses on the trip at that time, we looked for them and found them. They belong to the large covered vegetable farm of GreenProduce Inc, where various types of lettuce and bell peppers are grown for shipment to Cagayan de Oro, Cebu City and Manila. We were able to do some filming here before we were told it was not wanted. Anyway, we were not after trade secrets, but wanted to show our video channel members that Libona is not just pineapple fields.
There is much more in Libona that is worth a video and we will certainly be back.
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