Thursday, November 30, 2023
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It was a Sunday morning when we set out from barangay Cugman to Opol.

I wanted to walk the stalls at sea boulevard and then along the beach and be surprised what I got in front of the video camera.

At the stalls was nothing going on because of the early time of day, people come here only with nightfall. There were only a few people on the tour over the water.

Also on the beach I found at this time of day still relatively few people. Still, it was a fun walk to the end of the beach at Buncalalan River. Here I had a lively conversation with a mother who was trying to escape the heat in a hammock with her child under her house. On the opposite side, in the Sitio Malingin, we were some time ago also for filming


VIDEO (9:31) by Philippine Magazine   1960 Abonnenten




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