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The biggest avenue in Cagayan de Oro


The biggest avenue in Cagayan de Oro, C.M Recto,Lapasan,CDO | Cagayan de Oro Business District

 Cagayan de Oro Business District Aerial View Cagayan de Oro City is known as the “City of Golden Friendship”. It’s a 1st class highly urbanized city in Northern Mindanao, Philippines. C.M RECTO Avenue is located at Lapasan village, Cagayan de Oro City. It’s the biggest avenue in the city. It is also the gateway to show the progress of Cagayan de Oro due to its various commercial complexes and establishments located in its area. It connects the road leading to the cities of Iligan and Butuan.

The avenue was named after Claro M. Recto, A Filipino statesman, poet, lawyer, and politician. He was born in Quezon Province to an upper-middle-class family. Recto at his time was very outstanding, showing his potential even during high school, but also in his career aspects. His outstanding achievements were when he was elected as a senator and was appointed an associate justice of the Supreme Court. He also ran as president in the 1957 presidential election. He was a very good leader in his time.

C.M Recto Avenue, to honor the man behind the name, has become the city’s main road of business and commerce. Also, the road that opens Cagayan De Oro to be the business hub of Northern Mindanao and known as the powerhouse of malls in the City way back many years.


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