After visiting the people at the large rice fields of VILLANUEVA, in the province of Misamis Oriental, in Northern Mindanao, we found a rice mill on the N 955, the road from Villanueva via Claveria to Gingoog town.

This was an interesting site for us. The huge machine with its many belt drives, conveyor belts and vibrators made a lot of noise. Rice farmers’ wives sat patiently in front of it and waited until their rice was milled. The owner sat in the office sorting out small impurities from rice and we chatted a bit. Rice was lying on the front yard to dry. It is important that the rice loses much of its initial moisture. The climate is warm and humid and it happens quickly that the rice already starts to germinate.

Next month is the harvest in the fields behind the rice mill and we have been invited to be there. Just one month later, the replanting of the fields is to begin, and we have been invited to join them as well.

Interested parties find the LOOK RICE & CORN MILL owned by Mrs. Florida Pauvom and Mr. Huberto Pauvom on the right side of N 955 just before the right curve starts the ascent to Claveria.

Visitors are welcome.

See you then.


VIDEO (3:41) by Philippine Magazine



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