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Without long journeys and without long waiting times, the passenger travels to the port directly within the city, is quickly processed by security and goes to his ship. In our case it was the TRANS ASIA 21, he shows his ticket and moves into his berth or cabin in the booked class. For us it was open deck, because I can't have the cold setting of the air conditioning and would catch a cold.
As we hadn't travelled on the ship for a long time, I was pleasantly surprised at the cleanliness on board. Spick-and-span bunks and corridors and even the next morning the toilets were still functional and not clogged and flooded as they used to be.
Another advantage of the cruise was that most ferries leave in the evening and arrive at their destination in the morning. So the passenger sleeps through the journey time and therefore I don't count the night as journey time.
I woke up in time, around 4:30 am, to see the lights of Cebu and was also able to witness the passage under the new bridge.
At the jetty, the price-conscious traveller should avoid the black taxis, they want an inflated fixed price for their services. We walked a few steps further away to the regular white taxis and were promptly rewarded with an honest taxi driver. The fare ended up being only a third of that of the black taxis and he didn't want the small amount as he had no change. For this, he was rewarded extra for honesty by us and we had still saved money.
Actually, we wanted to have our morning coffee and charge our mobile phones at the South Bus Terminal. We didn't get to do that because a Ceres bus was supposed to leave directly for Dumagute in 15 minutes. We took this one because we didn't want to wait for the next one until 9 am.
The Ceres buses do not take the ferry from Liloan to Sibulan but from Port Bato Tambo in Samboan to San Jose and from there to the Ceres Bus Terminal at Robinsons in Dumaguete. Tickets for the ferry must be purchased separately from the bus fare.
It was a straightforward trip for us and we will do it again anytime.

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